A Horse Taught Me How to Manage My Energy

As many of you may know, last month I began a 9 month program with Lissa Rankin, M.D. and her Whole Health Medicine Institute, and I’ve been wanting to share some of my experiences with you.  During our initial 4 day workshop, one of the most powerful exercises that I did was on the day that I spent with master coach Martha Beck on her ranch near San Luis Obispo.  Each doctor had a morning session and an afternoon session in which we each would enter a horse pen and get some one on one time with a horse.  No prior instructions were given to us on what to do or how to handle the horse but we were each asked about an intention we wanted to address in our lives just before walking into the horse pen.

In my morning session, I said that my intention was to have a lack of emotional attachment to the outcome and to play with energy.  When I had watched the doctors who had gone before me, I noticed that gesturing to the horses sometimes made them move and sometimes nothing happened.  Sometimes the horse stopped.  I slowly figured out that gesturing to send energy towards the horse’s shoulders made her stop and gesturing to send energy to her hind quarters made her move forward.  This took a number of attempts because I really had no idea what I was doing.  I just started trying different things.  I found that I had to make certain movements to communicate with the horse and tell her what I wanted.  Once the horse understood what I wanted, she complied.  I also noticed that the more movement I made, the more lively the horse became, as long as the movement was in the right direction.  Eventually I was able to ask the horse to trot to the right, then turn around and trot to the left, back and forth.  After my session, I debriefed with my coach and talked about the experience and what I learned from it.

Here are the lessons that I learned from this amazing experience:

1.  You need to be clear about what you want.  The Universe is here to respond to you.  If I gestured to the horse and she did not know what I was trying to communicate, she did not respond.  If you cannot articulate clearly what it is that you want to receive, the Universe does not understand how to respond either.

2.  If you send a lot of energy in the wrong direction, you will not produce the result that you want.

3.  If energy is properly directed, it does not take a lot of energy to get a large animal to move.

4.  If you try something and it does not produce the result that you want, don’t keep doing the same thing.  Make some adjustment and try it again.  Do that over and over until you get the result that you want.

5.  Know that the Universe is not against you.  When things don’t happen the way we want, we tend to create these stories in our head.  Oh, the horse does not like me.  I’m putting in all this energy and nothing is happening.  I suck.  Know that the stories you make up in your head about what is going on are just things you fill your head with that are not actually Truth.

I will never forget this amazing experience.  Next week I will tell you about my afternoon session which was even more powerful!  Until then, think about how you are spending your energy and see if any of the lessons I learned apply to you too!

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