How to Increase Your Intuition

Lately I have been reading and thinking about intuition a lot.  It’s that 6th sense that is knowing without knowing!  We’re all born with it, but many of us just dismiss those gut feelings when our brains tell us something different.  Here are some techniques that I have learned from intuition expert Sonia Choquette.  I have been practicing them in order to increase my intuitive skill:

1.  Go with your hunches.  A lot of times we get a feeling that we should do something but we dismiss it and don’t pay attention to it.  Our brain thinks that it doesn’t have any logical reason to go in that direction so we don’t act on our inner voice.  People who are intuitive don’t question why they have a gut feeling, they just go with it.

2.  Live in the present.  When you are thinking about stuff in the past or the future, you are not mindful of what is going on right now.  Intuition is an ability to tune into energy right at that moment, to feel whether or not there is a resonant energy.  An example of this is when you meet someone and you know right away whether you have a good feeling about them or not.  One way to ground yourself and get back to the present moment is to take slow deep breaths.  If you are thinking about your breath going in and going out, it will bring you back to the present.

3.  Increase your receptivity to the subtle.  Another exercise I learned from Sonia is to wonder about 100 things a day.  The last few days I have been driving to work asking myself out loud, “I wonder why the sky is blue… I wonder what patients are coming in today… I wonder what lesson I am supposed to learn today… I wonder what we should make for dinner… I wonder where I should go for my next vacation…”  This exercise opens your mind to receive energy from the Universe.  Just be open to receive.

4.  Be creative.  I love this exercise called “19 Solutions”.  Normally we are trained to think in a linear fashion.  Things are right or wrong.  We tend to come up with only 1 solution for a problem.  In this exercise, you think of a question you have, and then you list 19 different solutions to it.  This opens up the possibility that there are multiple solutions, and there may be more than one that works, or it may work in a combination.  Using your creativity like this activates your intuition.

5.  Dance.   Spontaneous movement encourages your Spirit  to embody flexibility and to practice not being rigid and resistant.

Try these techniques in your own life and see how your intuition shows up!

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