My Strategy for Dealing With Overwhelm

Ever since I got back from my trip to Mexico 3 weeks ago, it seems like the Universe has been challenging me with all kinds of annoying things.  Stuff like being completely overwhelmed with work to catch up on, irritating snafus (yesterday I spent an hour writing this post and it somehow got accidentally deleted so here I go again), encountering people in nasty moods who are spewing poison at anyone in their immediate vicinity, energy-sucking sadness emanating from people all around me, etc., etc., etc..  I notice that  I have been  in this 24/7 low grade internal roiling muck almost all of the time.  My chest feels constricted and my days are punctuated with fleeting moments of panic followed by a wish to throw breakable things at high velocity in an attempt to produce that sweet, satisfying sound of breaking glass .  So what’s a girl to do?!?

1.  Breathe deeply.  This sounds so obvious but I think we forget to do the simplest things when we are stressed.

2.  Organize and strategize.  I just paused and took 10 minutes to write down everything that is overwhelming or irritating me.  Then I crossed out everything on the list that I can’t do anything about because it’s not in my control.  Now I’m left with a list of stuff that I can actually work on.  I am going to pick out which ones get top priority for today.  At least this makes me feel like I have a plan of attack.  I’m letting go of the stuff that I can’t do anything about.

3.  Do the best I can.  And don’t beat myself up for not getting everything done.  I know that I think I should be Wonder Woman but really I am just human.

4.  Recall the lesson that the Universe is self-correcting and self-organizing.  That means that everything will work out OK.  Really.

5.  Breathe deeply again.

6.  Tomorrow repeat steps 1-5.

I’m implementing this strategy this week.  How about you?



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